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by | Dec 17, 2023 | News & Updates

Data Center Moves can be some of the most complex projects known to man. Today, we will continue our overview of Pre-Move Planning that must be completed before you actually move your data center. These will be excerpts from “What Everybody Ought To Know Before MOVING A DATA CENTER, excerpts used with permission from Blaine Berger,

Many Data Center Moving Project Managers build a plan that requires everything having TO GO RIGHT. Then they expend extraordinary effort tracking in minute detail everything that GOES WRONG. Doing this can consume a disproportionate share of resources and costs. Is there a better way? It might depend on your built-in biases for using or refusing outside help. It might also depend on your willingness to recognize the confirmation bias that sabotages most moves led internally. It certainly depends on the schedule pressure you are facing.

A MOVE PLAYBOOK is the most important thing you can do in the Pre-move planning process. The elements of a Move Playbook are as follows:

1) Gather the Master Inventory.
2) Gather the Application Inventory.
3) Decide how many move events will be required.
4) Build the Master Timeline.
5) Sequence the Batting Order.
6) Build the Stakeholder Communications Matrix.
7) Rehearse the playbook to reveal the contingencies required.
8) Decide the GO/NO-GO criteria.

CAUTION: Know that building a Move Playbook is not a linear sequence of events. The resources you need for each component varies. Your inherited schedule and limited budget will tempt you to cut corners and rush playbook development. That is why rehearsals are important and should not be skipped. We will cover each of the above elements in more detail in future posts.

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