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On-site Move Management

Before you consider a mission critical data center equipment migration, relocation, or consolidation, you need to know what you have in your data center. Electronic Transport Corp. can help you with your Master Inventory list and determine exactly what you have, what is moving and what is not. Site Assessments for any Logistics issues, and Infrastructure Audits will help you determine where your connections are, where they terminate, rack elevations for all your servers, storage devices and networks, port-to-port documentation for all power cables, and network cables, etc.

Electronic Transport Corp has many years of experience with all types of physical location issues. Knowledge of any potential physical challenges is a must if you want your data center move to go smoothly without surprises. Our IT Logistics Consulting will cover all aspects of the physical part of your move. Docks, loading areas, raised floor environments, door heights, door widths, egress and ingress routes, elevator issues, thresholds, floor protection, all challenges that might affect the ease and safety of moving your devices and racks/cabinets will be covered in detail.

Many so-called data center equipment moving companies are what we call “no truck trucking companies” that attempt to manage and execute your move from a call center someplace. Electronic Transport Corp. offers Physical On-site Move Management during the entire process of moving your mission critical data center equipment.

Electronic Transport Corp. can provide you with experienced Project Management for the physical migration or relocation of your data center equipment. Meetings with Senior Management, Chief Information Officers, Data Center Facilities Managers, outline of move order—usually dictated by business unit, servers scanned out and in, daily schedules with allowance for changes, transportation schedules, security concerns, in-transit valuation insurance (Declared Valuation), moving production versus non-production equipment, all issues connected with the physical migration or relocation will be addressed by our Project Management Team Manager.