Asset Transportation

Lease Returns

Electronic Waste Recycling/Disposal


Most mission critical equipment leasing companies have very strict packaging and shipping instructions where the return of their leased equipment is concerned. The Leasing Company usually requires that the equipment be wrapped, packed and shipped by a professional logistics company with experience in such equipment moves, with special packing equipment and materials. Expedited shipping may also be required when there is a need to get the equipment back by a certain deadline. Electronic Transport Corp has been providing these services nationwide for over 20 years.

Electronic Transport Corp. offers Electronic Equipment Waste Recycling and Disposal Services for all types of electronic e-waste. Desktop computers, monitors, printers, servers, routers, switches, cabinets, racks, etc. In addition, we offer secure data destruction for SDD/HDD drives, including degaussing, shredding and disposal while adhering to all industry standards and requirements. Certificates of Destruction are available.

When it comes time to the decommission your old data center, Electronic Transport Corp. can handle it all. From raised floor tiles, floor supports, cable management devices, ladder racking and supports, old computer room air handlers, Liebert units, old generators, etc. We can move anything in a data center.

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