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Have Questions?

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Find quick answers to commonly asked questions about our electronics moving and data center transportation services. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us directly.
How much does a data center move cost?

Providing a quote for a Data Center move is a complex exercise that requires some basic information and an understanding of the overall move project. There is no cost per server or cost per square foot or cost per cabinet/rack method that exists. With the right information provided on our Quote Builder form, we can get you an accurate cost for your move based on your specific Move Scope of Work. Our No Obligation Consultation will cover all the information needed to quote your move.

How long does a typical data center move take?

The time frame for your move starts with how long your equipment can be down. We can then work backwards to how many personnel and trucks are needed to execute the move within your timeframe. We have benchmarks developed over 20 years that can tell us almost to the hour how long your move will take subject to the Move Scope of Work and whether your time frame is realistic. Our No Obligation Consultation will address all the issues regarding the time frame.

Can I move my cabinets/racks fully populated or will I have to un-rack and re-rack individual devices and move the cabinets empty?

There are several schools of thought about moving server racks with equipment in them. Concerns about the rack construction, wheels weight capacity, racks being top heavy, vibration, etc. Our experience over the past 20 years is that racks CAN be moved with equipment in them with the proper attention to the handling techniques, adequate floor protection for a smooth transit, wrapping, padding, and strapping, and moving on Air-ride trucks. Our approach is that “the least amount of handling is the safest way to move data center equipment”. Moving racks populated has many advantages for your IT Team to speed up a data center move timeframe. Our No Obligation Consultation will cover this method.

What kind of insurance is available for my equipment during a data center move?
Moving Companies do not sell “insurance”.  We offer what is called Declared Valuation.  This protects your equipment from first touch to last touch if your handling and transportation provider is responsible for handling, loading, packing, transporting, delivering your equipment, including any Smart Hands service.  Electronic Transport Corp. can provide any amount of Declared Valuation you require.  An itemized list by make, model, serial number if available, and current Replacement Cost is required prior to the move.  Minimum amount available is $50,000.00 with 1% Deductible.
Can I track my equipment during the transit phase of my relocation?

All Electronic Transport Corp. trucks are equipped with GPS systems that allow us to pinpoint the exact location of the truck every 4 minutes anytime 24/7/365, nationwide. All our electronic equipment transportation provider partners have the same similar systems. Updates are usually provided at the halfway point and 1 hour out from delivery by our Drivers. A one seat Client Portal is also available to you for a nominal Fee.

Why should I use Electronic Transport Corp for my data center mission critical equipment move?

We understand moving data center mission critical equipment. We understand that we are not handling and transporting pieces of metal equipment of various sizes. We understand that we are moving your business lifeblood, your data, your very existence as a company.
20+ years of damage-free, Zero Defect service, using our Air-ride fleet, rail-type liftgates, trained professional data center equipment movers, special handling equipment and handling techniques remove the stress and strain from the process of relocating your mission critical equipment.
You cannot afford to hire “2 Men and a Flapping Tarp” to move your equipment. You need the experience, security, and peace of mind that the Professionals at Electronic Transport Corp. can offer you.